Thursday, July 15, 2010

famiy pics

Our very good friends, Zach and Rachael Olson, took our first official family pictures for us a few months ago. Drew has become a real chore to take pictures of, so I was amazed at all the great shots they got of her and of us all together. The Olsons have been taking pictures for a long time (they even took our engagement shots over 7 years ago!) and are at the moment revamping and getting a brand new website. But you can follow them on facebook here at O2 Photo Studio until the website is done. They are so talented and great to work with.

The dress Drew is wearing is one that I have meant to put in my etsy shop for a long time now along with my other summer dresses. Not sure if or when I will get to that. Because lets face it, long ago I have started looking toward the fall.