Monday, September 15, 2014

Modern Rainbow Brite

Project Run & Play is back and I just couldn't resist the first theme... create an outfit based on an 80's cartoon! So so many good cartoons to pick from. So much nostalgia. And thanks to Netflix my kids actually watch and love some of those cartoons. Lately it has been Transformers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario Brothers. Kids shows sure have come a long way in the last 30 years, but somehow they still enjoy those old ones anyway!

This Rainbow Brite-inspired outfit came about because I've been wanting to make an overall skirt for a while now. And because Rainbow Brite is amazing. Although a Rainbow Brite costume would be really fun to make, the challenge was not to make a costume but to be inspired by a cartoon and make something wearable.

So this time I left off the magical rainbow belt that uses the power of the rainbow to bring color and happiness to people everywhere. Instead I made a self-drafted denim overall with a low scooped bib and a gathered skirt bottom with pockets.

To make the long sleeve top I started with the Bimaa Sweater pattern and slashed it apart to add the butterfly wing pieces that mimic Rainbow Brite's get-up. The butterfly wing pieces are cut out just like you would cut out a circle skirt, then open it up on one side.

The top I made pretty quickly and it is not perfectly lined up everywhere. (You can see one wing comes down further than the other, too.) Sometimes I sew quickly if I ever want to have any chance to sew at all!

Both the rainbow knit and the denim were from my fabric stash, which is always a goal of mine when I sew along with PR&P. I spend too much money on fabric and it feels so good to use up stuff I already have.

She looks ready to spread color and happiness everywhere!