Monday, March 26, 2012


WIN one of my swimsuits!

Easy to enter, just LIKE my facebook page, SHARE the contest post and leave one COMMENT. You must enter on facebook! Contest ends Thursday night, March 29 at midnight MST. I'll announce the winner Friday morning.

I am so ready for swimsuit season!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Get Ready

My model is getting gussied up and ready to work it for me next month over at Project Run & Play! Thank you to everyone who voted for my Easter dress and supported me! I haven't been this excited about something in a very long time. Sunday night after I found out I had made it into the competition I laid in bed awake... for HOURS. As much as I tried to stop thinking, my brain would not shut off.

The competition starts April 9. Basically each week the contestants create a look based off of a challenge or theme and our designs are judged by a panel of judges and also voted on by all the readers (that's where you guys come in again :). Each week the contestant with the lowest total score leaves the competition. The contestant with the winning look will post a tutorial of all or part of their outfit. Oh and there are some great prizes for the winner at the end of it all, although I think I would be just as excited to participate even if there were no prizes. It will be amazing.

I am SO excited! And tired already.

These pictures are from Valentine's Day when Drew made a big lovey poster for her Valentine Daddy covered with hundreds of lipstick kisses. Thank goodness she will not be wearing makeup for a very long time.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Made it as a finalist! Please go to Project Run & Play and vote for me on the top left sidebar!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Drew's Easter Dress

Last year I didn't make Drew an Easter dress. I made Easter dresses for many other little girls, just like I'm doing this year, but I didn't sew or buy her a thing. Same thing happened for a Christmas dress. I have been feeling guilty for a while now.

I really love having a little business that I get to sell my creations. It is very fulfilling. That's why I keep doing it even though every year, especially around Easter and Christmas, I am a frazzled, thread-covered mess trying to finish all my orders. As much as I love it though, my real passion is designing... especially for Drew.

But until I have employed a shop of seamstresses to do all the sewing for me, I will have to make time to sew and design just for Drew. I'm sure one day she won't be as thrilled as she is now when I have handmade her something! And this is all exactly why I was so excited to find Project Run and Play. I caught it at the very end of last season and was so inspired by what the designers were making. It made me want to focus on sewing for my own children. And the competition side of it provides the real motivation!

So I am auditioning this dress to try and be one of the designers in the next season of Project Run and Play which starts next month! I could have chosen any dress/outfit I have made in the past to audition with, but the whole point for me was to be inspired, to make something new, and to push my limits. So I took a day off of sewing for other children to make an Easter dress for my own daughter this year! She was so excited so it was all worth it, even if I don't make it into the competition.

My design inspiration was this red Valentino dress worn by Elle Fanning...

I am always inspired by real fashion for my four-year-old. Of course I want it to look age appropriate on her and most importantly be comfortable and wearable. For Drew this means it cannot be tight or in any way constricting. If it doesn't feel completely cozy, she will not sacrifice for fashion's sake. So I added sleeves and allowed some give in the underarm, sleeve, and waist areas.

I always draw my own patterns (much easier for me than working with store-bought patterns) and this silhouette was a fun one to make. I will definitely be using it again. I have had this rosy pink crocheted fabric on hand for well over a year now. I bought it knowing I loved it but not knowing what I would do with it. Common story for me. I lined the crochet with a pink satin so the dress wouldn't be see-through of course, but also to give the skirt the body and shape I wanted. I love the silhouette, shape, and texture of this dress!

I debated on how to close the back of the dress. Big covered buttons would have been nice, but I wanted something just a little unexpected. The gold zipper was the answer. It gives the softness of the dress a little edge, which I like. Even though my fashion assistant (Drew) said at the store, "But Mommy that zipper is $9!" That's okay Drew, you are worth the $9... and stop getting so smart about things.

The clasp above the zipper is undone in these pictures and it's really bothering me. But like on the runway... the show must go on.

I would love love to be part of Project Run and Play. I think I have a unique perspective and different aesthetic among all the amazing sewers (sewists?) out there. Plus, my Easter orders will be finished in a couple weeks and I will have as much time on my hands as a mom of two kids can have.

Either way, Drew has an Easter dress this year!