Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Halloween Loves

Snow White...

and Dopey.

Just perfect.

Monday, October 24, 2011

In Training

Daily pushups really strenthen your inner core.

As does wrestling with monkeys.

Friday, September 30, 2011


I've kind of forgotten how to do this blogging thing. For the past month or two it has felt completely unimportant to me. Sure I've thought, "Okay this picture of my kids snuggling together is amazing...must blog." But when I've sat down to put a post together, my heart just isn't in it. No desire.

Plus, how can anyone really understand how sweet and lovable my little boy is? My words and pictures just don't do him justice. Or how they both drive me to near madness and the next moment Drew is hopping around grunting like a gorilla to make Nash laugh. So then I put away my crazy pills and my heart melts with love.

So life is a lot of crazy. And a lot of love too.

And I'm talking crazy enough that we decided to take a family camping trip. All four of us in one little RV. Drew was bright and bushy-tailed by 4:30 am.

Drew sure makes a mean smore though.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Halloween in July

After a short hiatus of sweet babies and summer happenings, my shop is finally open again and back in business! I start celebrating Halloween in July and this year I added a new Halloween dress...

A Halloween Stripe Maxi Dress!

I have made several of these maxi dresses for Drew this summer and we both absolutely love them. They are so comfortable and versatile. What I love about this black and white stripe maxi is that it is perfect for Halloween and can be worn as is for school, parties, etc. or add accessories for an adorable costume as well. Here are some of my ideas...

Chic Pirate Costume:

white tunic, pirate hat, boot covers, and buccaneer sword

Stylin' Witch Costume:

leather jacket, boots, hat, and broom

But come November 1, this dress is not finished. It can be worn seriously in so many ways to make really fun and funky outfits. Here are some more of my ideas that I will be using it for...

Outfit for fall/winter:

denim jacket, floral neck scarf, ballet shoes

Another outfit for fall/winter:

cardigan, belt, boots

Outfit for spring/summer:

cardigan, pearl necklace, sandals

You can also pair this dress with pretty much any color of rosette belt (also new in my shop!)...

And, these belts also come in women's sizes too! Perfect accessory for an outfit that needs a pop of color.

And don't forget to like me on facebook! You can find my free shipping coupon there, good through the rest of July.

It is never too early to get in the Halloween spirit.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Happenings

Drew had her dance recital last month. Regardless of what other parents might have thought, our daughter was the best (and most beautiful) dancer on stage! And Jason wins an award for sitting through the two hour show to watch Drew's three minute dance.

Hanging out with cousins. Nash may be 6 weeks younger, but his size and weight holds its own. Don't let his Daffy Duck bandaids fool you... he was both tough and macho when he got his shots.

We went to the circus. Drew jumped, clapped, danced, and laughed for the first half of the show, then crashed hard in the second half. She was carried out of there crying, "I just want everyone to stop bugging me so I can go to bed!" She does say that her favorite part was the tall guy. A.k.a. the clown wearing stilts.

Nash's first swimming adventure. Yes he is chubby. You don't get to be 95th percentile in height and weight by being slim.

Without our own pool in Phoenix in the summer, you have to get creative. This sprinkler toy has been treating us just fine so far.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Harvest

We have succeeded this year in doing what few people are able to do... plant a garden in Phoenix and things actually survive. You can see our pea vines in the background are all dead now, but only after we scored buckets of pea pods.

Here the gardeners are picking potatoes and carrots for our foil dinners that night.

Eating her spoils.

The overseer of the laborers. He runs a tight ship.

Also, Drew's dress is a sample of a new pattern of mine. Just a few adjustments to make and it is perfect. I am slowly (very slowly) getting my shop together again. I have so many things I want to do and negative amounts of time to do it in. Remember... overseer... tight ship:

Who am I kidding? This boy will never do any wrong in my eyes.

Also on the menu this week from our garden:
Beef and vegetable pot pie
Parmesan oven fries

Friday, May 27, 2011


Nash's onesie had a pocket. Drew and I thought it was funny to put things inside of it.

Like his binky.

His hairbrush.


An ipod.

Finger puppets.


A carrot.

A lobster.

And daddy's pager.

He puts up with us.