Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Happenings

Drew had her dance recital last month. Regardless of what other parents might have thought, our daughter was the best (and most beautiful) dancer on stage! And Jason wins an award for sitting through the two hour show to watch Drew's three minute dance.

Hanging out with cousins. Nash may be 6 weeks younger, but his size and weight holds its own. Don't let his Daffy Duck bandaids fool you... he was both tough and macho when he got his shots.

We went to the circus. Drew jumped, clapped, danced, and laughed for the first half of the show, then crashed hard in the second half. She was carried out of there crying, "I just want everyone to stop bugging me so I can go to bed!" She does say that her favorite part was the tall guy. A.k.a. the clown wearing stilts.

Nash's first swimming adventure. Yes he is chubby. You don't get to be 95th percentile in height and weight by being slim.

Without our own pool in Phoenix in the summer, you have to get creative. This sprinkler toy has been treating us just fine so far.

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