Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bias Shred Skirt- Tutorial

This is the first week for Project Run & Play, Season 5! If I could compete again, I would do it in a heartbeat, but sewing along with the challenges is fun too. And a lot, lot less stressful.  (Check out the Project Run & Play Flickr group to see everyone's work who is sewing along!) The first challenge is all about sewing with the bias (or diagonal) of fabric. Instead of using bias strips, I interpereted it differently.

I have been wanting to try out Christopher Palu's fabric shredding technique he's used a few times now in Project Runway this season. These are two of my favorite dresses this season and both use his (as he proclaims it) shredding technique.

By watching him work on the show, I've kind of figured out how he does it and simplified it for myself. So I tried the technique on this simple knit skirt and I love it so much. I'm dying to try it out with different fabrics and with more intricate lines.

I should mention that it is SO easy. A beginner could definitely handle this technique. Also, I used it on a super simple skirt pattern, but you can use this technique on a dress too or purse or whatever you sew.

I put together some basic directions for this "bias shred" technique. Remember you can use this for pretty much any pattern piece. Mine is on rectangles because I made a simple skirt.

(Also check out the notes at the bottom.)

Bias Shred Technique Tutorial

  • My diagonal lines are more or less drawn at 45 degree angles, which when cut will mean the fabric is cut on the bias. Fabric cut on the bias doesn't fray. When you are using knit this doesn't really matter since knit doesn't fray anyway, but it will make a huge difference for other fabrics.
  • If you like chevron, try out a chevron pattern!
  • For the final step of this technique I cut out about ¼ inch of material in the center between my lines of stitches. You could cut out more material closer to the stitches and get a different look, obviously without cutting through the stitches. Or just do one clean cut without taking out any material.
  • Once you've finished this technique, sew together your pattern pieces as normal.

I love the texture of this skirt and I think there are so many other possibilities with this technique! I'm looking forward to seeing what the Season 5 PR&P designers come up with!


  1. This is so very cool. Your technique name also sounds so much cooler than my "cut it like making a chenille blanket" description. HA. So I think you should make a skirt like this and so should I.

  2. I have totally been wanting to copy Chris' technique too! This is so cute. I love your simple design and I LOVE that color. You are a rockstar. (Also, I'm not so sure I would ever do PR&P again...maybe. But maybe not. Probably not :))

  3. I thought about trying that technique for this challenge, too, but I don't have any wiggle room to try something this new and potentially mess it up and still make something else. Way to be brave and go for it!

  4. Super cool and cute!!! So fun to see ex-PR&P designers sewing along! I'd do it again, but I'd want a teammate. ;)

  5. I, too, have been admiring Christopher's signature technique. So glad you tried it ~ thanks for the tutorial :)
    I love the blue, the skirt looks really comfy :)

  6. Great skirt - perfect technique to use for little ones and grown ups. I have to say I lack energy for the sew along - lots of ideas but absolutely no sewing going on here!!!

  7. I used this same technique from watching Project Runway for my bigger dress in the competition. The other way is way too time consuming. After watching Chistopher do this technique it just clicked! . I totally love this skirt you made. So your way ends up being on the straight grain which is very cool. You are so talented.

  8. I love this skirt!I would totally make this for myself lol beautiful and versatile! Thank you for the clear tutorial diagrams and such-they are completely awesome! I linked to you with a picture of it on my blog here: I hope you don't mind but I really love it!
    Bonnie MS

  9. Total face palm moment! "Why didn't I think of that?!"
    And I just think it's so so cool that you are sewing along with us this season! What an awesome surprise!!!

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