Thursday, October 21, 2010


This last January we were in San Diego at Seaport Village. We stopped outside a cute surf shop at a duck pond and I pulled out my camera to get a picture of Drew and the ducks. My lens would not work and the camera refused to take a picture. It completely stopped working on autofocus mode for the rest of the trip, and I am terrible at manual. So all of our Disneyland pictures the next day were taken with my zoom lense where I had to stand about 20 feet back to get my family in a single picture. I sent the lens in for repair immediately after that trip and it has worked perfectly ever since.

Until our most recent San Diego trip in September. We were at Seaport Village again. Outside the same cute surf shop. Next to the same duck pond. In fact my feet were probably planted in the exact same location. Drew was loving the ducks and I thought it would make a cute picture. It crossed my head that this is right where my camera stopped working last time, but there is no logical reason why it would happen again. Lo, I took out my camera and it refused to snap a picture. On autofocus mode. I still do not have a picture of Drew and those cursed ducks.

I don't know what voodoo is going on at Seaport Village, but I have not been able to use autofocus for the last month and a half. I have been forced to shoot in manual, which means two things. One, I have not taken many pictures and two, of those I've taken most are slightly blurry. Really, how do you shoot in manual mode with a three year old?

But more than this, many aspects of my life could do with some autofocus. This last month has been a blur of sewing machine, unruly puppy, emails, attention demanding three-year-old, packaging and shipping, and busy husband. Having a small business has been both exhilarating and stressful. And everything in between there. There is so much I love about it and a lot that needs to be changed to keep this one-woman-show on the road. Because always the attention demanding three-year-old and busy husband should be the focus. And maybe the unruly puppy, but he has lost some standing with me lately.

Either I should get my autofocus fixed, or get better at doing it in manual.

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  1. That is freaky! Good luck with the lens - and everything else :) We need to get together again soon (we live in Gilbert now, so maybe it will be easier??)