Monday, November 1, 2010


Every single day in October Drew told me something different she wanted to be for Halloween. I asked her every day just to hear her entertaining response. Bowser, a dinosaur, a cowgirl, Mario... then for two days in a row she told me she wanted to be a witch. So we went with it.

Unfortunately, I bought the cheapest witches hat ever that wouldn't stay on her head. It lasted an entire three pictures worth until she refused to wear it anymore. Without the hat and broom, trick-or-treating became a little confusing for some. "What are you? A pirate?" One time a nice man asked her what she was and she said, "I'm a Drew." He looked very confused, "A jew?" By that time she was already in someone else's pot of candy so I just let it slide and laughed to myself. We're working on her pronunciation.

We got to see cousins and in special Drew fashion, she had 6 adults following her around trick-or-treating. For the time being she is the one and only golden grandchild on my side. Until my sista's baby in March!

She also drove us around the neighborhood. No trick-or-treaters were harmed.

And thanks to those who voted in our PPCC 2010 contest. Unfortunately for me it was yet another win for Jason who got the most votes with Pumpkin Smasher. Bravo.


  1. She's the cutest little witch I've ever seen! That "jew" story sure is funny too :)

  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with halloween, but I saw your gorgeous red tuxedo dress on etsy and was actually wondering if you sell the pattern for it. I sew a lot for my girls and have some new Anna Maria Horner fabric that's been sitting here for a month now waiting for the right thing to come along. Your dress is awesome. I would not be looking to mass produce or sell the dress in any way, I'll be lucky to get two finished (I have 3 kids & little time).