Friday, May 27, 2011


Nash's onesie had a pocket. Drew and I thought it was funny to put things inside of it.

Like his binky.

His hairbrush.


An ipod.

Finger puppets.


A carrot.

A lobster.

And daddy's pager.

He puts up with us.


  1. I think every onsie should have a pocket now that you have demonstrated the many uses for it. Nash is lucky to have Drew to teach him the in's and out's. Cute pictures!!

  2. Love it! The lobster is awesome!

  3. "Thanks for the hairbrush"
    I want to kiss Nashy-boy right now.

  4. Lol to the pager. I tried to buy a pager in high school at the store next to Peddler's, but they were actually really expensive, and I thought it would be funny, but not that funny.

    That babe of your is so sweet.

  5. Oh Chelise, he is beautiful. I need to actually meet him in person so I can love on him!! I hope all is well! Love you!

  6. I can see he's not much of a fan of Daddy's pager. Can't say I blame him though ;)

    What cuties you have! Enjoy your little bundle from heaven, and give him a smooch for me. :) -- and you're definitely on the right track with not wishing the next phase of development on them. It always comes before you want it to, anyhow.

    Congratulations, Pattersons!