Friday, September 30, 2011


I've kind of forgotten how to do this blogging thing. For the past month or two it has felt completely unimportant to me. Sure I've thought, "Okay this picture of my kids snuggling together is amazing...must blog." But when I've sat down to put a post together, my heart just isn't in it. No desire.

Plus, how can anyone really understand how sweet and lovable my little boy is? My words and pictures just don't do him justice. Or how they both drive me to near madness and the next moment Drew is hopping around grunting like a gorilla to make Nash laugh. So then I put away my crazy pills and my heart melts with love.

So life is a lot of crazy. And a lot of love too.

And I'm talking crazy enough that we decided to take a family camping trip. All four of us in one little RV. Drew was bright and bushy-tailed by 4:30 am.

Drew sure makes a mean smore though.

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