Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Totally 80s

I'm sewing along with KCWC this week, dedicating at least an hour of sewing each day for my children. By children, I mean Drew.

This look was never meant to go 80s. I had this little top in mind with the contrasting shoulders, which I ended up using a neon shoelace trim on the shoulder pieces.
The top demands a pair of leggings. I picked out the bright blue knit and brass metal zippers in the late hours of the night, and when I awoke to it all this morning, it transported me back to my 80s childhood. It didn't help that when my mom saw the pants she mentioned she had owned a pair exactly like them with the zippers and everything. "So that I could zip my pants over my shoes," she said. Of course to zip your pants over your shoes! That's how we rolled.

But despite the 80s vibe, I think it is a totally modern take. I love it.

If I can keep up the sewing this week, my next look will have a touch of neon in it too.


  1. wait, how did you make the pink shoulders? with shoelaces? what is shoelace trim? whatever it is, this whole outfit is super awesome--or totally choice! like i used to say in the 80s.

  2. Like, totally, this is so awesome!

  3. I agree. I can see the 80's but its so modern I forget about. I love everything about her look starting with her topknot. So awesome.
    I'd love for you to link this up to WKWW-What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Party this week at ONE little MOMMA.



  4. Love this! I couldn't tell that it was shoelaces until you mention it. Such a clever idea!

  5. totally rad! bodacious! radical! um...gnarly! now i'm just thinking of teenage mutant ninja turtle words. anyway, this is a ridiculously cute outfit and i'm in LOVE with those leggings!!! just perfect.

  6. I want to know how you made the top! I have some random shoelaces but my husband got me for very cheap that he said looked like the perfect craft project. I just never had any idea what to do with them before!