Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sequin Sparkle Easter Dress

Most of the time I am inspired first by a design then I think about the fabric second. But when I walked past this cream organza with flocked polka dots I had to have it and luckily Easter was around the corner and I had a purpose to use it for. Just bolts away from the flocked polka dots was a gold sequin overlay fabric that paired perfectly. The fabrics told me what they were to be made into.

{Nash is sort of covered up in the above photo only because I didn't sew his outfit, except for his tie. That doesn't mean that he isn't the most handsome sweetest little love of my life. Just that I don't really sew for boys, darn it.}

It's all about the collar. As a last minute thought, I used a metallic gold piping around the edges and it turned out to make all the difference. There are so many frustrations in designing and sewing that it is nice when something turns out just like you wanted it the first time you tried it. I think I kissed that collar after it was sewn in.

I also scored these cute mint and gold shoes from H&M (to match the brother's shirt) and a cream tutu underskirt on clearance for $2.50 that was exactly what the dress needed. You can see it peeking under the dress and I could kiss it too.

I tried to keep the design simple on purpose but did add a couple details like the exposed metallic zipper in back and the button closings on the back of the sleeve cuffs.

Hey even Bunny got a matching dress for Easter. I thought about making hers with the collar, but then I thought no. There are more crucial things in life than sewing collars for stuffed bunnies.

And not only did Drew's Easter dress come together so smoothly, but my kids actually loved eachother when I was trying to take pictures of them. I'm glad I documented this early because on actual Easter morning when I tried to get pictures before church, things were not so friendly.

And just for fun...

It was last year's Easter dress that voted me into the Project Run & Play competition! I love that dress although I think she only wore it once or twice. She decided to grow super tall and make that short dress a little inappropriate for church.

Stop growing up!


  1. Wow Chelise, I LOVE this! The perfect Easter dress with the perfect amount of sparkle. Your kids are beauties!

  2. Beautiful! I love the gold collar. I recently purchased silver sparkle fabric and didn't know what to use it for ...now I know.

  3. That is a beautiful dress. The detail and the collar really make it special. Great work.

  4. The dress is so pretty, I love how it sparkles!

  5. So cute. Love the gold I'm seeing everywhere.

  6. Don't you just love the full skirted look with a sweet little peter pan collar?! This dress couldn't be sweeter and looks beautiful on your darling daughter.

  7. Ooooooh, i adore the subtle polka dots& sequins. Its so simple but elegant. Great Great Great job.



  8. Seriously, cutest dress ever! I love all of it.

  9. Love the dress and that zipper is awesome!