Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Costumes

In case you don't follow me on Instagram (you should...@chelisepatterson), I have to share my kids costumes on the blog as well. Costume making is probably my favorite kind of making. Ever. The type of creativity and resourcefulness used just makes me so excited and happy. This year we have...

An Iowa Sweet Corn. I really wanted to make her something cute and cupcakey, but when my husband thought of a corn cob costume, my hands were tied. It was just too perfect for our one year stint here in Iowa. I quilted the yellow sweatshirt fleece, filling the "kernals" with stuffing, then cut the dress and hat from it. She is super warm and cuddly to hold in this thing!

Optimus Prime. Nash loves Transformers, specifically these Rescue Bot toys. I'm used to working with fabric, but working with cardboard and spray paint was a nice change too. The helmet started as one of those yellow construction worker hats and I just built on it from there. The challenge with this costume was to make it look robot-y but at the same time make it super movable and comfortable. He does walk pretty slow in those boots so we will have to see how far he makes it tonight!

Draculaura. Ever since the start of first grade, Drew dropped her Ninja Turtle obsession and has switched to Monster High. I wasn't too excited about her being Draculaura at first, but it turned out so good and she is so SO happy in it. That's what it is all about I guess! (I will just have to be happy with getting my choice for Kendy's costumes until she is old enough to have an opinion. :)


  1. making halloween costumes are my favorite thing to make too! yours are so amazing! that little corn is too sweet!

  2. fantastic costumes! each perfect in their own way - sweet sweet corn, awesome optimus (love those wheels!), and spooky cool draculara. Em hasn't seen Monster High yet but I think she'd probably love it.

  3. These costumes are out of this world....seriously so SO cool!!!!