Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Behind the Scenes

I love my model and heaven knows she is sweet, but sometimes taking pictures of Drew is like working with a wild raccoon.

She works best with no direction.

I must follow her around in her natural habitat.

It's as though she doesn't understand my language.

Food rewards are helpful. A single blue M&M can get her in a dress and out the door ready for a photo shoot pretty quickly.

I organized all my picture folders the other day and through the bazillion modeling pictures of Drew. Out of the bazillion are a handful of good shots and the rest are made up of the following...

playing with rocks,

eyes closed,


playing with more rocks,

that wild hair in the face,

mid sentence,

"if you take another picture of me I will make you pay" face,

and the final, "I'm done."

I just snap pictures through it all.


  1. She cracks me up!! I love the new dresses for christmas. very cute! Miss DRew is getting so big I can't believe it!we miss you guys!

  2. LOL. The wild hair in face is perfect! In the pictures that you post she looks like such a natural, I would never have thought that she pulled these!

  3. lol lol I love the crying ones.

  4. Awesome. I was hoping there would be a combined one of her crying with her hair in her face while throwing rocks at you. Now that would be funny.