Monday, February 8, 2010

Design Inspiration

In our six plus years of marriage I have never really decorated our home. We have rented up until nine months ago and for the last nine months the money has gone towards the outdoors.

But now it is my chance to finally shine. I have literally four big projects going on in my head: the living room, the kitchen (complete remodel), our bedroom, Drew's room. And I'm working on things for all four of them and therefore will never finish.

I am always flipping through magazines or blogs to give me ideas and inspire me. It took another annual family Christmas party to remind me that the decor inspiration and talent lies in my own heritage. My dear grandma and her decorating was something very picture worthy.

Plastic tablecloths and arranged centerpieces on every table. And Happy Birthday napkins for who? Jesus of course.

There is definitely a sequin theme going on here.

Bringing in nature with the pinecones.

Grandma, I'm so loving purple right now. It's my favorite color.

The old birthday board to celebrate the special birthday boy or girl. On Christmas of course it is Jesus. How do I replicate this?

The woman of the hour.

Grandma, I think you're great. I will help you set up plastic tablecloths any day just to see your amazing centerpieces. And I am in need of a centerpiece for our new kitchen table... hint hint.


  1. haha I Love this. If only my style reached to even half of what she is capable of then I would be a worthy granddaughter. She truly is an inspiration. hah

  2. LOVE IT! She is so cute! So glad you got some pics.

  3. lol lol these are the greatest party decorations I have ever. seen.

  4. LOL, I'm totally dying. Your Grandma is completely amazing.

  5. Chelise. I love it. What an awesome grandma. I'm glad you took those pics.

  6. K I have been waiting for this post! I LOVE it! It captures the best of the best. If only we got a shot of the room full of boxes that she used to carry all of these elaberate decorations:) I love Grandma and her creativity!!!

  7. I love that grandma is even wearing a Christmas vest in the picture. She's cute.

    You may already do this but when I got my first house I had to start printing my "inspiration" pictures and paint swatches and I put them all in one folder. When we would have extra money (taxes, bonus...) John would tell me to get out my folder and see what we could buy from it. Keeping it all in one spot and ready to see made it easy to get my husband to participate because he could physically see what I wanted instead of my trying to explain it.

    I love you family beach pictures.