Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thank you

This is a belated thanks to everyone who supported and voted for me last week for Project Run and Play... thank you! I'm so excited to share my sportswear look on Friday! We were given all the challenges and themes for the contest about a month before it all actually begin, in hopes that we would be able to work ahead and save ourselves some grief. Unfortunately, March (and now April) seemed to be the month where it was one thing after another and I got asked to help with a lot of things. I can't help it... I'm a yes-person! So instead of being ahead of the game, I am taking pictures and writing up posts for Friday's challenge while also designing and sewing for the following weeks challenge, all the while my brain wheels are turning for future ideas after that. Yes, it is crazy, but so so fun. I really don't want it to end!

One of the biggest things I was working on over the last month was costumes. I got asked to do costumes for the Youth Roadshow for my church. A whole lot of work, but remember I am a yes-person? And I will always be a yes-person when it comes to costumes because I looooove making costumes. And I love the youth too.

The play was a fractured Sleeping Beauty tale and characters included a prince, princess, maleficent, a dragon, trees, castle walls, and a rock, among others. Check out most of the costumes in action at one of their practices...


  1. I feel oddly attached to the tree hat. I just want to be a girl for all seasons...

  2. They turned out great! Holy cow you took on a lot!!!! Congrats...I heard there was a costume award. Way to go!