Friday, May 11, 2012

Willy Wonka

This week for Project Run and Play the theme is Let's Go to the Movies!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of Drew's all-time favorite movies (she also loves the new version), and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of her favorite books (we are big Roald Dahl fans). Although I love making costumes, I did not want to recreate a look or make a costume from the movie. Rather, I was inspired by Gene Wilder's fabulous get-up and made something every day wearable.

Ms. Willy Wonka got sick the day we planned for the photo shoot. Plus it rained the very hour that I was to start the photo shoot! It never rains in Phoenix. Just like Charlie Bucket, all the odds were stacked against us! So we waited and took these pictures on the very last day possible (yesterday) and she was still not feeling good. She really wanted to take them though and she was a trooper. I'm thinking the huge lollipop had something to do with it. So if Drew dosen't look as ecstatic as she should be for finding a golden ticket, then you know why! We had to make it work.

On to the clothes...

I should begin with the purple sleeveless dress which will probably get worn every day this summer. It is made of a lightweight corduroy and features a sweetheart neckline, two large heart pockets, and button-up sides for easy on and off. It will look great with any shirt underneath (and tights in the winter!), but for this look I mimicked Wonka's floral shirt and bow tie with this vintage purple floral with an assymetrical bow.

The little cropped jacket is my masterpiece. Literally. I searched and searched for a chocolate brown and white buffalo plaid fabric with no luck. If I could go to Mood I know I would have found it. Or if I had time I could have printed my own fabric from Spoonflower. But I didn't and I wouldn't compromise so I painted my own fabric! I used a soft fabric paint that worked wonders. The twill I painted on is still soft, bendable, washable, and ironable.

The work in progress...

And some more pictures of the individual items...

The top hat was a fun accessory to make for the photo shoot. I used this tutorial for the most part. There are not many pictures in the hat because sickie was less than thrilled to wear it and I was not going to push it.

And some insides...

The jacket is lined in chocolate brown...

So please go and VOTE for Willy Wonka! Next week is the final challenge and I need your votes to make it there!

And then go watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because you know you want to now.

"We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams!" -Willy Wonka


  1. You are so amazing and creative. I love the design, colors and the fact that you painted your own material. I hope Drew is feeling better.

  2. WOW. Your look is really creative and super adorable. I just love your sense of design. There is some great childhood whimsy you've tapped into. The things you make also look well made, with good materials. Great job!!

  3. Oh the jacket... I love the jacket. I also really love the whimsical, wearable quality of the outfit. good luck this week!

  4. chelise, it is AMAZING. that jacket is to die for. i kind of want one for myself.:)

  5. Also love the jacket!!! Can't believe you painted the fabric yourself!!!!

  6. I love this! I like how you used he movie for inspiration but didn't duplicate a costume. How much more wearable is this in real life?? Hope you win this round. :)

  7. That jacket is amazing. I think I have to try fabric painting now.

  8. Just beautiful. The plaid looks like you bought it that way. I will just have to make sure that my daughter doesn't see this page, or the begging will begin.

  9. I love that you painted that jacket, it looks SO good! And your translation of Wonka is so fun without being literal. Another really great look Chelise!

  10. I want a tutorial/pattern for that sleeveless dress! Too cute!!!