Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Now what?

And then Project Run and Play was over.

And it feels like I have nothing to do.

Of course there are a million things that I should do, but nothing that seems very fun.

Because at times the contest was stressful and frustrating, but mostly it was SO MUCH FUN.

Here is a recap of all six looks I made for each challenge. (you can click on the picture to take you to the post about that look)

I ended up taking third place in the competition, which I am really happy about! I knew at the beginning I wasn't trying to win a prize (nice bonus though :) but that I wanted to make something for each challenge and be able to share it with everyone. Which I was able to do! That was the best part for me.

Some "After the Runway"... if you're interested...
  • I felt like a major underdog when I started the competition. I am not the greatest blogger ever and I believe I had about 12 blog followers to my name (today I have 54 woo woo!). I didn't have sponsors, unless you count Bitsy Bear which is going to foot the bill on this one. I was confident as a designer, but unconfident about the following or support I would get.
  • We found out what all of the challenges were going to be about a month before the actual competition began. This was to help give us a head start so things wouldn't get so hectic. I used that month mainly to brainstorm and think about everything I wanted to do and I got started early on my mermaid skirt. Which was a beast and needed extra time. So every other week I was working in real time. And yes it was a little hectic.
  • The Mermaid Skirt was my fifth design for the circle skirt challenge. This is after I bought fabric for and even started the previous designs.
  • Drew had never hopscotched before.
  • My sister was my sounding board each week and I would usually text her a picture of my clothes and get her advice about styling, photo shoot, etc. The Eco-Princess story and styling was her idea!
  • The Just Peachy pictures by the historic Chevy was my second photo shoot with the dress. The first photo shoot outside my house did not have me excited at all.
  • Drew was sick and running a fever in the Willy Wonka pictures for the movie challenge. My usually spunky model still wanted to take pictures in the dress, but did not want to be excited about it. Understandably. She didn't want to wear the top hat or the gloves. Understandably again. I guess even the best models have their off days.
  • From head to toe I didn't spend a single penny on my Mini Maxi! I woke up on the Monday morning when I saw I had made it to the final challenge and all I knew was that I was going to make a maxi dress. Right before I headed out the door to the fabric store, I decided to look through my fabric closet. I saw the gray and white polka dots and the rest is history.
  • It takes me FOREVER to write a blog post. Seriously forever. I was up to wee hours of night picture editing, typing, re-reading, html-ing, etc. This is why I am not a good blogger!
  • I checked the votes so many times.
  • My favorite look is the Hopscotch Romper.
  • Drew's favorite is, "All of them."
  • And that is what is most important.

So big thank you to my family and friends and everyone who commented or facebook-posted and who supported me! I can't tell you how happy it made me to feel. The contest is over and on to other things!

Just not sure yet what they are... :)


  1. You did an amazing job!! all your looks are awesome - my favorite are the hopscotch jumper and the mini maxi - - congrats on the competition!

  2. Such a fun post, I love hearing that stuff! I always felt like I was spending way too much time on my blog posts too- but it's nerve racking when you know a lot of people will read them! It's so great that you had someone to show progress to and bounce ideas off of. I had a couple of those friends and they helped me SO much that I really hoped everyone else had that too. I think my favorite looks of yours were the mermaid skirt and the romper. I love that cropped wonka jacket too though!

  3. You are SO talented. I love all the looks you made. They all have intricate details that make them unique, stylish, and incredibly cute! My favorite are the maxi dress and the purple heart dress with the purple floral shirt underneath (and I love that you painted your own fabric for the jacket). Way to go, I'm excited for you!

  4. Your designs are all so pretty! My daughter wants all of them!

  5. i loved all your designs and voted for you too. looking forward to seeing more of your stuff on here.

  6. I just loved your designs! The mermaid skirt really blew me away. And I've got a suggestion for what's next.....how about showing a little more on that waist for the mermaid skirt?

  7. you did such a great job, Chelise! Congrats!!

  8. Oh sister, you are amazing and the most talented person I know! I give you full permission to make all of Graces clothes :) Someday I am going to make the effort and learn how to sew and then we can work together and we will be unstoppable. Just think about it.

  9. Chelise, I totally enjoyed reading this post...we felt like under dogs in ur season to---having the smallest blog and niether of us being facebookers...I'm so glad you competed, your work was so fun! Thank you for being a part of it!

  10. Pleeeease write another post, I'm missing your blog posts so much!

    1. I'm finishing up a big post now! Thanks for this comment Joanna... It made my day!

  11. I missed this back when you posted it, but wanted to say you rocked PR&P and always had such fun designs! I thought it was especially cool that you were a "walk on" and made it to third place - that's so awesome. And I had no idea your blog was so small! I was in that position during my season too - it's hard to feel like you don't have that big "base" to draw from. You did great, though! So glad to see you sewing again!! :)

  12. so fun to see & read this post ~ thanks for sharing ~ I think the hopscotch romper was my favorite, too :)
    such cute stuff you sew ~ keep up the good work !

  13. Chelise,
    This is funny! I was on pinterest and one of my other friends had pinned your mini-maxi. I saw your name in the corner, and thought, Hey, I know her...
    Great job with all those beautiful projects!!
    Sarah Hachtman