Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rowan Tee Pattern Tour

I jumped at the chance to be part of the Rowan Tee pattern tour because 1) I completely trust Laura and her amazing patterns and 2) this is a staple pattern that I could use over and over and over again. Seriously. The size range covers all three of my children and then some. And then with all the different options I could make it 144 times in 144 different ways! There are long or short sleeves, hood or no hood, shoulder stripe or full arm stripe, kangaroo pocket, regular pocket, cuffs or hems... you get the idea.

I should note too that this pattern is perfect for beginners. Or for someone who has never sewn with knits but is ready to try. Laura goes very in-depth and detailed in her directions. She doesn't leave you guessing about anything!

For the first of many Rowan Tees I plan to make, I chose the long sleeve version with a stripe down the arms. I re-purposed an old purple knit dress of mine and used some stretch polka dot lace I bought at Joann's a while ago. I just overlayed the lace on top of the knit for the stripes and pocket. Then on a whim I decided to use the lace as the neck band and sleeve cuffs as well.

I would love this shirt in my size. How about it Laura?

This is a must have pattern! You won't be disappointed.

The tour finishes off tomorrow but here is where it has been...


  1. Your T-shirt looks fantastic Chelise. Such a great colour and I love the effect of the polka dot lace - I'm pretty jealous of Drew's leggings as well!

    A grown up pattern is in the plans but I can't promise when :) Thanks so much for joining the tour today!

  2. Such an adorable shirt! It goes perfectly with the leggings and I just love the color.

  3. What a great idea about the lace. Love it!

  4. This tee is so effortlessly cool - as is your beautiful daughter.