Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Miss Iowa

Here's what happened.

One day I told Jason, "Holy cow, I can't believe graduation is in only three weeks!" To which he replied, "Actually it's in two weeks and only you and my grandma say 'holy cow'." So I only had two weeks left in Iowa before graduation and the big move immediately after.

And then came some packing and tons of stuff to keep me plenty busy. When we went to church the next Sunday it actually hit me that it was our last Sunday in our ward. How do you say goodbye to people that you have known for four years? Well you kind of avoid saying any goodbyes at all and just play it off like you'll be there the next week anyway. Because it's easier that way.

And then Robby B. (my papa) rolls into town a couple days later and we do the Nauvoo thing and hanging out thing.
The night before graduation more family joins the party and we have a big BBQ for all the graduating med students we hang out with.

But I don't say goodbye to any of my friends because why torture myself? I will see them tomorrow at graduation anyway and the rest I have plenty of time to say goodbye to.

Graduation was a rainy, fun, proud, and exciting day. We watched Jason walk across the stage as Dr. Jason Patterson and recieve his degree. But I didn't really say goodbye to anybody.

And then we were gone. Pretty much. I miss you friends.


  1. I miss you Chelise! I saw your big truck drive away on Sunday morning and I was so sad. I loved getting to know you this past year and I hope you have a wonderful time in Arizona. Keep in touch!

  2. Chelise! I'm still really bummed I didn't get to say bye. We left out of town and I came over but you guys weren't home. Moving is such a bitter sweet experience.I still can't believe everyone is gone. It makes me sad. I'm glad you made it to Az safely and I'm excited for you to be close to family but we will miss you all.

  3. If I were a friend from Iowa, I would miss you too! But I am really happy that you'll be in Arizona.

    Congrats to Jason! PS. Erica and I have decided that you and Jason are genuises.

  4. Don't worry, I will see you at the playground tomorrow right?? We miss you too!

  5. Oh, we miss you! I can't believe you're gone. Every year this has to happen, where people just get up and leave! And we'll be in a couple years. i hope you get to come back sometime or something!

  6. These are my feelings exactly.

    How do you like your new place?

  7. welcome sheesh! we should be friends again!

  8. We have been gone almost a year now- and I still miss it. It sort of grows on you. Crazy how fast the 4 years go.