Tuesday, January 12, 2010

California, part one

Last week we took Drew to the happiest place on earth. Of course she had been there before as a 3-month old, although her and I spent most of the day in the mother's lounge. Taking a two-year-old to Disneyland is so much fun. Especially Drew who is brave and adventurous.

The girl had no fear. She was in heaven when she met Aladdin and Jasmine and just smiled like a fool when Aladdin called her a princess. Thank you Aladdin for seeing past her churro mustache.

What was one of Drew's favorite rides? Oh, probably the Matterhorn. Yes our two-year-old went on the Matterhorn. One, because she was just exactly tall enough. And two, the white mosters with glowing red eyes had more to fear than she did. Her and Jason used their finger guns to shoot them all down. Drew came out laughing at the other end and said, "That was so fun!"

More of our California week in heaven to come.

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  1. Drew is the cutest! And seriously isn't Disneyland the best? I would glady pay my 6 dollars to have a churro right this second as well.