Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Spy

Drew has a bazillion miniature toys. The smaller they are, the better. She also has a batrillion cups, boxes, containers, tins, and bags that they gets sorted and resorted into. Often we find them in strange places hidden around the house. The other day I found a wise man from a small Christmas nativity set hiding in the crack of our sliding glass door. We are tempted at times to get rid of her messy collection once and for all, although it is about the only thing that will keep her entertained all by herself. There's only so much UNO Moo I can play, so anything else that entertains her is my friend.

Yesterday we decided to join two of her loves into a fun project... her collection of miniature toys and I Spy books. We set up a few I Spy scenes using some of her little toys and took some pictures. I was just going to get some enlarged prints for a little Valentine surprise, but now I am tempted to create more I Spy scenes and get printed a full photobook. Something I can slip in her Easter basket maybe.

I Spy...

a butterfly, dice, a lobster, Lumiere, a spool of thread, Dora, the letter L, and the American flag.

the letter M, a white flower, Cinderella, and a pink pitcher.

an elephant, a treasure chest, two puppy dogs, a princess shoe, a swan, and nail polish.

Now I have to get creative and see what else we can come up with.


  1. So clever! I love that idea... I may have to copy it!!

  2. You are so cleaver this will be hours and hours of fun for Drew. Almost as much fun as sorting and resorting.

  3. Woah. That is super-creative! Way to go, Mama! --- I've come to the point in my Mommy-hood where I quietly trash all the little miniature toys we accumulate.

    I am feeling much lighter ;) ... although ... Maybe I'll just put together a book like you're doing, then have that be the LAST HOO-RAH for ALL the little minis that remain! :)