Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drew's Room

I may as well just concede that these are going to be the best pictures I can get of Drew's room. Problem being, there is hardly any natural light coming in, despite that window. I can either go with the washed out look of flash photos or these non-flash super yellowy shots. I tried to adjust them in Photoshop although they still look like I ran a 1970's action on them. Any ideas, photographers?

Anyway, this is Drew's room. I finally feel like I'm finished. I have been working on several projects in here for probably the last year. I'm slow. When I'm sewing a ton for Bitsy Bear I don't usually feel like sitting behind the machine again to work on personal projects. But somehow the quilt and curtains got done.

This room had zero lighting when we moved into the house. No ceiling light or fan and not even wired for it. Before we hired an electrician to come wire a couple of our rooms for lighting, we decided to try out these swing arm wall lamps. They definitely give out enough light and we like them.

I saw this Favor print probably two years ago and had wanted it ever since. I got it here, where you can see how the colors actually look. I love the combo of yellow, purple, and red. And I love the girl doing her makeup on a motorcycle. It somehow just seems Drew appropriate.

Does anyone remember that old blue rabbit pillow on Drew's bed? I would still be sleeping with it if Jason hadn't kicked it out of our bed when we first got married. Heck, that thing made it all the way down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with me at one time, strapped onto my pack. Jason doesn't understand. But I never threw it away like he told me to and now Drew sleeps with it. Actually I had to make a cut throat trade with her since she had been sleeping in my oversized U-shaped maternity pillow for so long and I wanted it back. She seems okay with the rabbit pillow for now but has made it very clear that she wants the big pillow back once baby brother gets here.

Another project was that tall white bookcase hanging on the wall. It was actually an old brown window shutter I picked up at Goodwill, put a backing on and sanded and painted. I will have to get a better picture of the seashell calendar to explain that. It is just like the spoon calendar I made for my kitchen, just using seashells instead.

Another shot of the ruffled curtains that I about strangled myself with they took so long. And that pop art picture I made forever ago hanging on her wall. Oh and since I took these pictures last week, Jason has also added a little ballet barre on that wall below the picture. It is so cute! Jason came to observe Drew's ballet class last week and noticed that some of the girls were able to hold their leg up higher on the barre than she. He has been encouraging her to practice ever since. I merely mentioned we should put a barre up on her wall and the next day I came home to one already installed. Those other 3-year-old ballerinas better watch out!

So there is Drew's room done on a very small budget in a very large time frame. Now on to the baby room. Hopefully he will have something finished before 2012.


  1. Love it all! I of course love the curtains, but my favorite thing is the reading corner. One day, when I finally get into a house I will think outside the box and use your inspiration :)

  2. Chelise this is beautiful! Seriously, great job.

    And when I read about the ballet barre installed in her room it made me want a little girl immediately. Like a full sized little girl in a ballet outfit delivered to my door step please, thanks.

    You have to post pictures of her practicing on it. I demand it.

  3. Oh... my .....gosh!!! Chelise you are absolutely amazing. Amazing... Everything. We all want to be like you... you know that right? Seriously beautiful.

  4. I about fell off my chair at the sight of those curtains! Perfect. Super cute room. You know what I love about it? That's it's not the traditional pink princess room. Very cool. And just a question: how is it again that we live so close and aren't bff's??? :)

  5. Chelise-her room is perfection. You are super talented and I want those curtains!!! I want to see Drew in action on that ballet barre!! Love you and I hope we have some time to catch up before Otto comes!!