Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pregos and Bomb Dropping

Everyone who is pregnant needs to coordinate to have a pregnant sister as well right along with them, or two sisters in my case. It is a lot of fun. Not only will you get strange baby-bump-touching photos together (forced upon by your grandmother), but there are many other advantages as well. Such as discussing food aversions, then food cravings, comparing ultrasounds, eating doughy brownies and ice cream with, and talking about babies for as long as you want knowing the other will not get tired of it. Shawnda is due in five weeks and I have twelve weeks to go. Although someone should inform my large belly of this and tell it to pace itself.

My sweet, innocent Drew has been testing out some new words lately. Two of which are fat and ugly. The other day she shamelessly called me both of them. We had to have a talk about how we may read some words in books (the new bedtime favorite, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, contains both these words) but we don't use them when talking about people. I wasn't sure what to say though when watching Steven Tyler on American Idol she said, "Mom that boy is soooo ugly." Well that is very debatable, Drew. Very debatable.

Drew also pulled a teenager when after being told no, she walked away saying, "I hate my mom." What? How does she even know that word? And how to use it in the right context? Upon further discussion she informed me that this is what Nemo told his daddy. So thanks, Disney Pixar for the shining example. My daughter is telling me she hates me at least ten years too early.

At least she has not dropped these bombs again after being talked to about them. Except for the whole Steven Tyler and ugly thing and I am still baffled as to how to reply to that. Watch her jumping on the jump-o-line (as she calls it)...

She is too sweet to say such things to her mommy...


  1. I Love being Prego with you. It makes it so much more fun even though Im at the "I hate my life" stage. And I love your baby. I wish I could pull off skinny jeans like she can. I think we need a pazookie game night before little O comes.

  2. Love the picture! I also have TWO sisters pregnant with me this time! It's very cool.

  3. You are so stinkin cute! How fun that your sister is prego too. Hope you're doing good. I can't get over how adorable Drew is. She is so grown up. That's hilarious with all the sayings she says. We were watching Idol the other night too and Hallie said, "that man looks like a monkey!" (refering to Steven Tyler as well :)). Miss you guys! P.S. What a clever idea to do the I Spy scenes! I love it!