Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Glamping with Willow & Co

I grew up and have such fond memories of camping with my family. Our family owned land up in northern Arizona with no cabin or anything but a large open-walled ramada where all the cousins would pile our sleeping bags and sleep in the open air. We would only sleep though after playing Kick the Can in the dark and hanging out around the campfire. Jason and I have camped many times together as well. He even proposed to me during a hiking/camping trip we took in the Grand Canyon! I am no stranger to the rough and tough style of camping.

But glamping.

That is also something I could get very, very used to.

By now I am sure everyone has heard of the new pattern collective group, Willow & Co. They released their first collection of patterns called Wanderlust for Spring and Summer, a Glamping Edition. These patterns are designed for children who need things casual, practical and able to run, jump, kick the can, or whatever they want to do. But comfort is definitely not going to take the place of style and special unique touches.

You guys, these patterns are amazing. So well made.

When Mie asked me to "go glamping" and join this blog tour, I was thrilled! I wanted to make every pattern from the collection but eventually narrowed it down to an outfit for each of my kiddos... including Kendall, who has yet to be introduced on this blog! (If you follow me on Instagram you've seen a lot of her :)

Kendy is coming soon, but first up is this Persimmon Dress I made for Drew.

The Persimmon can be either dress or top length and also has the cutest pocket option (which I didn't include this time). I had about 15 different ways I planned to make this dress but eventually narrowed it down to using this super thin white cotton voile with a grey lining underneath. Would I let Drew wear a soft white dress camping? Heck no. But for glamping it is definitely okay!

The center panel is this strange cut-out fabric I've been hanging onto for a long time that I got at a discount fabric store. You can see where I used the fabric to make a little cropped cardi in my final Project Run & Play look.

Using the sheer voile and this cut-out material made things a bit tricky and I'll be the first to admit this is not my best technically made piece. I used french seams throughout the dress and also hemmed the right and left panels before I attached it to my center panels so there would be no raw edges where it meets those cut-outs. I didn't account for the hemming when I cut the dress though so it threw off my pleats a little bit and you can see they are not looking so hot.

But Drew never once said, "Oh man mom, those pleats look terrible," so we are still okay. She loved it so much!

The neon pink straps are actually a shoelace trim! I got it at that same discount fabric store and you can see a different way I used it here in this top I made for KCWC a couple years ago. I added the extra straps to the front just for fun and tied them all together at the back of the dress instead of on top of the shoulders. (Just realizing I don't have a pic of the back of the dress dang it!)

Keep reading if you would like to meet my beautiful baby girl, Kendall Mae, and see what I made for her!

Kendall got her very own Ash Jumpsuit, which is a must have pattern. Seriously. The sizes range from 6-12mo through 12 years. But when you have a chubby wubby two month old she can fit into size 6-12mo. And make it look good!

I made my Ash using this knit fabric that doesn't have very much stretch and it worked great. I love how soft it is.

The pattern itself was so very much fun to make. The directions are clear, the sew is quick, and the results are so gratifying. Like I said, it is a must have pattern.

She definitely has a modeling future for me. See she already has the far-off gaze into the distance down pat.

Another first here today is that I sewed actual clothing for Nash! I've made him Halloween costumes and pajamas, sure. But I have the hardest time being inspired to sew for boys.

I made Nash a Mulberry Tunic and some Kudzu Cargo Shorts. Like the other two patterns I made from the collection, they were very well written and easy to follow. And they both have many unique options that you end up with a creation that really feels like your own.

I decided to make my Mulberry tunic out of knit material too, which is probably only okay if the knit is not very stretchy. The triangle fabric is from Girl Charlee and the green and stripe fabrics are upcycled from old t-shirts of mine. The tabs are supposed to go on the sleeves but on a whim I decided to move them up to the shoulder seams just for fun. My next tunic will be for Drew. Love this pattern!

And here is the best shot of my Kudzus I could get. I guess it's payback for never sewing for him that Nash just lays down and ignores me when I ask him to model. I got this thick teal legging fabric from Joann's in the bottom weight section and these shorts are oh so soft and comfy. Especially because of the knit waistband. They are seriously a cool pair of shorts. I love all of the lines. For the fall I plan to make many Kudzo pants for Nash and Drew. If he will shape up with his modeling.

For summer sewing it is all about Willow & Co.  I promise you will not be disappointed with the quality and professionalism they put into their patterns!
And thank you Mie for inviting me glamping!
Don't forget to check out what all the other glampers are making!

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  1. Chelise this is so so so amazing. I love every single piece you made. And putting the tabs on the shoulders on the Mulberry - genius! And how cute is little Kendall in her jumpsuit.
    Love the photoshoot too!
    Thank you SO much for going glamping with me my friend :-)

  2. Great job, Chelise. I love all your creations and, I must say, you're missing a trick not sewing for your son - your boy clothes look awesome! In fact, it's all beautiful! x

  3. I LOVE that mulberry tunic. Just perfect, really! I'll have to try the tabs at the shoulder, too.

  4. LOVE it ALL! This is soooo cool and looks amazing and comfortable. You have to sew for your son more- that outfit is perfect. And well your daughters are adorable and so are their clothes. Thank you sooo much for rockin it! xxx

  5. Chelise, this is AWESOME! I love everything you made! The photoshoot is perfect too. Thank you so much, you are a rock star!

  6. Amazing outfits and photo shoot! Love the shoulder tabs and those perfect baby feet! I didn't know there was legging fabric in the bottomweight section- will definitely have to check it out. Oh and shoelace trim- genius.

  7. This is darling. Love the tent photoshoot and baby sized romper!!

  8. Love it all...I agree with the boy thing...they are hard! You nailed it, though. I have a boy in between two girls as well, and he gets the shaft. Whoops! Love all of this...! xo

  9. That Mulberry is so cool! I love epaulettes and was planning to add them too when I make one. All the pieces look amazing and the photo of Kendall smiling is soooooo cute.

  10. Your kids are adorable and I love all the pieces you made! Wow!

  11. so awesome! amazed at how you find the time to sew with three kiddos! everything looks perfect :)