Monday, September 22, 2008

Sister Bowden

My sister left yesterday after being here in Iowa for ten days. That means our last ten days were filled with two things:

Game after game of this...

and watching episode after episode of this...

Shawnda leaves for her mission next week (Kirtland, Ohio mission) to a place far away from Settlers of Catan and The Office. But it will be a better place. And I'm so excited for her! Miss you already Sprinkles!


  1. How exciting for her! I'm sure it will be awesome:) It was nice that she was able to visit for a while.

    You must have had a great time becuase Settlers and The Office are the BEST!! hehe...

  2. Last i checked... Sprinkles tried to break free and claw her way out of a refridgerator, taking many bags of french fries with her... and failed! and i would not fail, why you ask? because i have the strength of an adult and a baby! :) I love you guys and miss you like crazy! all i want to hear is sweet little drew say "Mmmeeee" and "MA-MA". love you guys. Don't forget me!