Thursday, September 25, 2008


The second we walk out the door, Drew gets very excited about the "weaves". She points and says, "weave," "weave,"until I pick one off the tree for her. Jason just likes to set her in it and let her go crazy.

Oh, and Shawnda is not weave-ing on her mission.There may have been someone she just could not leave behind.


  1. wait a minute, didn't you just post she was going to leave soon on her mission? that was fast!!!! How fun!

  2. Hmmm Fall... what fun!

    Okay, we must get more details about this "something or someone" that couldn't be left behind! :)

  3. Ah ha, I move to stay home then, eh? Shel- the cutest picture i 've EVER SEEN of your family is on Shawnda's blog. You're at the WIlson Apple Orchard and you and Jason are all smiles and Drew can only think of one to get that whole apple in her mouth! Mmmmm lishy! Its about as cute as it gets, I don't think they make em any cuter!
    Also I took notice in a few other pictures of you on her blog... we should have unleashed that rocker side of you back in the day!!!