Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What We're Watching

Because our local cable company kept cleaning our wallets every month, we almost gave up TV all together. But Jason could not part with ESPN, so we switched over this summer to satellite TV, which is cheaper and now we are cool because we can record shows like everyone else. We do not watch very much TV, but I LOVE being able to record the whole series of a TV show and then watch whenever I want and fast forward through commercials.

So far these are the shows we have being recorded every week:

The Office, of course. I was a little disappointed with last week's premier... anyone else? There were definitely some funny parts, but as a whole... not it's best.

Fringe. Same producers as Lost and we love Lost. So far it's pretty good.

Project Runway for me. I choose to watch this when Jason is not around so he doesn't ruin it. He tends to make fun of eccentrically gay men, and this is Project Runway, so...

And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. For Drew. But the songs are very catchy.


  1. Huge fans of all of those but the Office, Fringe is sooo X-files!! Love that. And I'm glad I'm not the only one walking around with The Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme song stuck in my head for hours :)

  2. a little too catchy... I wake up every morning with "hotdog, hotdog, hot-diggity-dog" playing in my head! Thanks alot drew! :)

  3. Yeah, "What Not To Wear" is my show for Tyler's late nights when he's not home. He does the same thing. It's lovely. And sorry about your blog drama! That really stinks.

  4. Hey I'm so sorry your blog got deleted. Your new one is way cute! Glad to see some new pics of Drew. She is such a cutie. :)