Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear Chelise from Three Years Ago,

Remember when you were so excited to buy your first "winter coat" and you found this classic trench on killer sale? And you didn't think it was fishy that a "winter coat" would be on clearance right before winter? And the other teachers at school laughed when you showed them your new "winter coat"? And remember you wore it walking around downtown Chicago in below zero wind chill weather and about froze to death?

Oh, you have so much to learn about midwest winters, Chelise of 2005.

Sincerely, Chelise of the Future

It is only October and I am already staring down my last Iowa winter in the face and laughing.


  1. Hey, beauty is pain, right? I bet it was a stunning coat.

  2. Wow--this sounds MUCH too much like me--Lauren of 2002. I bought my first "winter coat" in California before I went up to school in Rexburg. It was paper thin---but very cute! My Idaho rom mates came out with these massive coats. Needless to say I froze my butt off. Guess we had to learn things the hard way!