Friday, October 24, 2008

Vote for the Winner

So, maybe you did not enter a pumpkin into the contest this year. Maybe you didn't have time. Maybe you felt unqualified for the challenge. But that doesn't mean you don't have an eye for an outstanding pumpkin carving... or have the time to vote for this year's winner. Let me introduce the contestants...

Meet Pumpkin Mario. He's a scorpio, works as an entertainer, and he likes long walks on the beach.

Meet Skeletor. Don't be fooled by the size of his head, he is one mean bag of bones.

Meet Ms. Pacman. She's so hot she attracts all the ghosts. (A light ghost is in fast pursuit.)

Meet Mariachi Miguel. Just sit back and let his smooth sounds serenade you this Halloween season.

Please vote for the 2008 winner here:


Voting ends on Halloween Eve!


  1. 2 votes for Miguel!
    -Aaron & Melissa

  2. Happy Late Birthday girl. I cant wait for you to come home!

  3. I want to know who won! I seriously loved Mario!!!

  4. I have to vote for Skelator. Very impressive.

  5. I love Skeletor. I'm embarrassed to show you our pumpkin now!

  6. All those pumpkins are amazing and so creative. I vote for Vive Mexico.

  7. You have got to be kidding me! No but really, are those real pumpkins???!!!!!!!!
    SKELETOR! Doesn't get any better than that! everyone else was a very close second and I almost voted for Mario simply becasue he likes long walks on the beach. How are you going to ever out-do this years competition?! I don't think they make pumpkins out of gold, sorry