Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chlorine and Sunscreen

First day of swim lessons... successful.

The smells of sunscreen on warm skin and chlorine took me back to my days when I was the tan one in the water telling the kids to kick their feet. Okay I was never that tan, but I loved coaching and teaching swim lessons. As much as I loved it, everyday I was envious of the moms who dropped off their cute kids and sat in the shade watching my lessons. I couldn't wait for the day when I was the one watching on the sideline, waiting with towel in hand to wrap up my dripping wet child.

Boy was I wrong. I sat on that sideline yesterday melting in the miserable heat. I was paranoid every second that Drew was going to slip off the side into the pool. I stood like a lion waiting to pounce in case it happened. I kept checking my phone to see when it would be over.

Drew on the other hand did pretty good. After she warmed up to her teacher she almost blew some bubbles, and she was kicking her feet on her front and back. While Drew was waiting for her turns in the water she busied herself splashing the boy sitting next to her repeatedly. If he didn't like it, he didn't say a word but sat there and endured it.

Finally it was over and I wrapped up my dripping wet baby girl in a towel five times too big for her and held her closely. That was the best part.


  1. Swimming is my new favorite thing to do during the summer time with a toddler. Drew is so cute, I really would love to get together with you sometime to go to lunch or something. I'll have to tell Megan about it, and we will have to figure out a good time to do it. What city are you living in?

  2. Chelise-
    I got your blog from Erin Thomas's list! CRAZY! I can't believe Drew! What a beautiful girl! I love the song bird! :) so cute! here's our blog a-lbishop.blogspot.com with updates on our little man!

  3. LOVE the smell of babies and sunscreen. And you were always a lifeguard and tan!

  4. oh man, I make Ben go to the kids' swim lessons, I'm too much of a chicken! I stay home worried sick that something will happen. You're tough! Good job Drew!! :)