Monday, July 20, 2009

Halloween on the Brain

1. Because this weekend we planted our pumpkin patch. And if these pumpkins actually grow in this heat and meet our qualifications they will be our next contestants for the 6th Annual PPCC. And because the heavens gathered light around me and angels sang praises and I was inspired with a pumpkin carving idea for this year.

2. Because I've known for months what Drew's costume will be.

3. Because Jason's muddy feet are Halloween freaky.

4. And because the only way to get me through July and August is to look forward to all the amazing holidays I have to plan for from September through January.


  1. I love Drew's pony tails.

    And I can't wait to see your pumpkin carving idea!

  2. I will be looking forward to the patterson carve of 09 in october and a full report on your pumpkin patch!!

  3. When I think of Halloween...I think of me in labor birthing two babies.

    And what is getting me through the summer is thinking that I will be able to sleep on my stomach come November! Whoo hoo!!