Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two "Mom" Thoughts:

Yesterday afternoon Drew and I went to escape the dripping heat at a public pool. She starts swim lessons next week and I wanted to practice drill her to make sure she is not going to embarrass me (she really needs to get the bubble blowing and motorboat kick stuff down). The pool was packed but I eyed a nice shady spot in the grass to drop our stuff. I had barely dropped our towels when I felt tiny stings all over my feet and hands and looked down to see myself swarmed by ants. Leave it to me to walk straight onto an anthill. I started flinging and swatting my arms and legs. A balding man sunbathing only five feet away adjusted himself and turned his head the other way. As I was jiggling and wiggling trying to free myself from the little stings, Drew knelt down and swatted at my feet for me while I took care of my hands. As quick as the ants came, the ants went, leaving me with little red bump souveniers. Since then Drew likes to remind me of the ants and pretend to swat at them on my feet. I can't say exactly why this story is sweet to me. Perhaps because I am always taking care of Drew and she was so willing and happy to take care of me back. Even as I am scratching my itchy feet today, I can't help but smile thinking about it.

Also yesterday, Jason came home and told me about a patient that I can't get out of my head. This surgery patient was a two day old premie baby whose mother had died while giving birth. The father was in jail somewhere and there is no other family yet known. Even though well cared for by all the nurses and doctors, I can't help but think of the little unnamed baby being completely alone in this world. Coming out of surgery with no one to hold his tiny hand. Jason reminded me that he is only two days old and that he really doesn't know the difference. But I think he does. I feel so incredibly lucky today that I have someone to love and take care of.

Who also takes care of me.


  1. oh, sweet story!!

    poor newborn, though :( Makes you wonder what kind of life he'll have

  2. days like that remind us of how blessed we truly are!

  3. Such a sweet post!

    That poor little baby. It makes me want to go meet and visit him and snuggle him all day!

    You'll have to let me know how swim lessons go. I'm going to sign Luke up too this week.

    Hope to see you soon:)

    P.S. Have you decided on what you are doing about Briar Patch... we never got around to discussing it...?

  4. I love that story of Drew, but then again any story with Drew in it I love.

    Everything will work out for that sweet little baby, and those of us with great families and people to take care of us, are so so lucky.

  5. That poor baby. However, hopefully they can soon arrange a family who will be so blessed by him! Sometimes things stink only to make the future seem so much better when it happens. It's true.

  6. Hey, remember when you stood in that ant pile at my house on Catalina and we ran to the back yard so you could stand in the pool? That's funny. Ants must love you. I work at the hospital too and see tons of stuff like that. I do all the patients blood work and its sad to see what people's situations are. The other day I did a work up on a mom that was having a baby and it was her 16th birthday that very same day. Sad stuff!!