Friday, August 28, 2009

Birthday duo

A week from tomorrow I will have a two year old on my hands. And a thirty year old. But the guy who loved his birthday so much that he dedicated the entire month to himself now hardly gets any of the attention.

Two years ago from this day exactly was my due date. But I was doomed to be pregnant forever. So my doctor said if I hadn't gone into labor by Sept. 5, that she would induce me then. From the beginning Drew was determined to have whatever her daddy had. And that was his precious birthday. So I was induced on Jason's birthday morning and by 5pm Drew had arrived to steal the spotlight.

Yesterday Drew watched a Dora episode where she went to a birthday party. Naturally she wanted to talk about birthday parties.

I asked her, what are we going to do at your birthday party? She said: "Sing songs and read books."

I asked her, what are we going to eat at your birthday party? Her reply: "Celery, carrots, onions, and blue M&Ms."

Drew makes the September 5th decisions. Sorry Jason.

Post Edit: Drew is not a big vegetable eater. She just knows her produce. She's quite helpful in the grocery store.

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  1. okay I would die if Kash ever asked me for a veggie! I love Drew. We need to get together sometime Chelise! Tylers birthday is the 5th of Sept. also. Good day:) Miss you guys!