Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cast Your Ballot

The flesh has been cut. The guts have been pulled. The seeds have been spilled. This year there are five pumpkin contestants in the PPCC '09 running. You decide who takes the title. Without further ado, meet the contestants...

Frederique. Frederique is from a small cannibalistic tribe in New Guinea and enjoys “hanging out with friends”. He really shines in the light of a campfire. A true friend till the end, just don’t cross him. Frederique is sure to bring the fun to any party!!!

Jack-o-Maggot. More than every fisherman's dream, Jack-O-Maggot is a perfect addition to any halloween decor. Despite his obvious charm, Mr. O-Maggot is also a connoisseur of fine wine and enjoys classical piano. A dynamite challenger!

Meet Your Maker-go-round. Not a ride likely to be seen at Disneyland, the Meet your Maker-go-round leaves every rider breathless... literally. Complete with custom wooden spike seats and hanging bats, spiders, and guts, this ride will surely be the last thrill of your life!

The Pumpkin Queen. What's worse than laughing so hard milk shoots out your nose? How about a 5 foot flame of fire, thats what! And as any jester in Ms. Queen's court will tell you, every act is hot, hot, hot! (see video footage)

There was an Old Lady.
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly,
It wiggled and jiggled but she didn't die,
Be warned if you don't see eye to eye,
She will gobble you faster than pumpkin pie.

Please vote by filling out our survey HERE.

Anyone and everyone can vote!

Polls close on Halloween!


  1. Great job on the pumpkins guys! Chelise I hope you win this year! Love the blog makeover. You have to tell me... How did you get the cool font?

  2. Yes. I, too, want to know the secret of the cool font :) Please 'splain ;)

    when are the results???

  3. Wait I didn't get to vote. I choose the carousel one as my choice of winner. And the old women to swollow a fly as most creative. Love ya babe!