Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goings on

This is the last picture taken on our camera. It was taken September 9. Folders on my computer are bulging with pictures from each month of her life, but as a two year old this one lonely photo sits alone.

It's like she is looking at me saying, "Mom, don't you love me anymore?" Really she was just taking stock of her garden and watching for birds and lizards, turning for a smile and a picture when she was told. But I know what she is telling me with that look.

Goings on in the Patterson household:

Singing lots of Ariel songs. Drew asks me to sing Ariel all the time. It takes me back to certain childhood videos when I taped myself singing Ariel, convinced of my musical talent, tossing my hair from side to side. Except I wasn't two years old. Or five years old. Or even eight for that matter. It is blackmail footage, let me tell you.

Planting grass, sewing a duvet cover, decor projects for Drew's big girl room (when she moves out of her crib). I want to share the results of all these.

Drew plays computer games. She will spend an hour on the computer playing games on Dora the Explorer's website or Sesame Street, with minimal supervision. She's thinking of starting her own Facebook account.

Sewing. A lot.

Watching my language. Drew loves to pick out key phrases of mine and use them repeatedly (at appropriate times too). These include, "Oh my gosh," "Oh crap," and "Dang it." They just don't sound right coming out of her mouth ("oh cwap")! We're working on it.

Reading Erica's azcentral blog, Under my Roof. I love every one of her ideas.

Listening to audiobooks on my ipod. I am pretty proud of myself for figuring this one out. I love to read, but seriously have no time to read. So through our library I can download books for free on my ipod and listen to them while I'm working doing all sorts of other things! Sewing has never been so enjoyable. Books I've listened to so far: Eragon by Christopher Paolini, The Book Thief (amazing) by Markus Zusak, and now listening to Eldest, the next book in Paolini's series.

Trying to get Drew interested in "the potty chair". So far watching Potty Time Elmo has only accomplished one thing, giving me a good laugh.

We're all good here.


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    That picture of Drew is so cute and your garden looks amazing! I can tell your yard progress is much further along then ours.

  2. Except I wasn't two years old. Or five years old. Or even eight for that matter. Lol lol.

    I'm so glad you're back.

  3. She's so grown up!!! The three of them will have a BLAST this Xmas! P.S.- I'm glad I'm not the only one with a VHS of a certain someone well in their teenage years attempting to sing Ariel songs... :)

  4. I'm a bad friend. Lets start there! I miss yopu so much and I swear life tackles me and before I know it I am so detached from my friends, my real friends who grew up with me! 'daddy beach girl' is looking so much like a picture of you that I have of you in your pink swimsuit on the beach but your picking your butt. LOL (and yes you were only 2 or so, pfhew!) I was just on Nat's blog and there were pictures form her shower...low and behold...CHELISE! LEANNA, TIFF!! I wanted to be there so damn bad...we have years of catching up to do that would take years too! Listen, I was having a fairly large break down and I almost came home this weekend to recharge- have some 'ME' time. I should have; I need to see you girls!

    Erica does have AMAZING talent! and I think I might have some Ariel footage... and you might have brownies in your teeth during the lovely singing...probably worth millions...of dollars and laughs!!

  5. LOL to your whole post. You are funny Sheesh! I was right there with ya in singing and thinking I was a movie star at the ripe age of ummm prob like 12. Which is really embarassing.

    Drew is adorable!