Monday, October 26, 2009

My Birthday and the Skunk

Oh this was a good weekend. One of those weekends I've been needing for a very long time. As the title suggests, it was my birthday. Jason and I drove up to Fossil Springs for some camping and hiking and perfect weather.

After eating some campfire-grilled steaks with our fingers, trying eight unsuccessful times to cook a biscuit on a stick, and telling Jason to stop waving the burning branch of fire around in the air (to which he asked me if Smoky the Bear was my uncle), we decided to cash in our chips for the night. We were watching 24, Season 7, when we heard rustling outside our tent. Realizing we should probably bring our bag of food in the tent, I drag myself out with the flashlight, take two steps, and stop dead in my tracks. There, rustling in an empty box, was a horse of a skunk with his tail high in the air.

I do not like skunks.

I dove back into the tent. And though we eventually got the food in, it did not stop horse-skunk from hustling and bustling all night through our stuff. All night. Just as my aching can't-sleep-on-the-ground body would allow me to find some form of peaceful sleep, skunk would bustle along and wrestle around with an empty lantern box. Jason tried to hiss it away once with the flashlight and he quickly got the raised tail warning. We didn't bother him again.

Skunk aside, Fossil Springs was perfect. We hiked alongside the creek, Jason bouncing and gliding from rock to rock like Legolas. Me trudging up and around the rocks because I have zero hops. Malia, remember going to watch Lord of the Rings and being in love with Legolas? Ha. The end of our hike was a nice little waterfall. No Havasupai, but beautiful still.

Jason asked me if I would rather he of taken me to a nice restaurant instead for my birthday. I would not have traded this weekend. Not even the skunk.

Oh, and Wednesday morning I am going to post the pumpkin contestants for your vote! Make sure you check them out.


  1. Happy Birthday Cuz! I love how you post stories. I love the pics as well. Miss you!

  2. Happy birthday! What a fun weekend. lol I love how the skunk was in total control with one tail raise.

  3. Hey Chelise I am happy you got my text and that your birthday seemed very enjoyable! You definately need to make a book of some sort, I love reading your stories and those pictures are pretty, what camera are you using? Glad you made it home without having to smell like "the bog of stench". Love you guys!

  4. Lol, totally remember that!

    That idiot skunk tried to ruin your birthday! I died at the story though.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. We have our pumpkin done and send you a picture tonight!!