Friday, March 12, 2010

Grandpa B

I can't believe it is already the middle of March. February wanted nothing to do with me and flew by in a day's time. Every day is usually the same, walking around the house covered in yellow threads, with a million things on my mind.

Two days ago the normalcy of life was interupted when I visited my grandpa in the hospital and later that day he passed away. This is Grandpa Bob, Christmas Eve 2009, waiting for the kids to put on the nativity play.

If we are the same people when we make it to heaven, and I'd like to think we are, then I have a good idea about what Grandpa B is up to.

In only two days time, the man has gathered and entertained many of the hosts of heaven. Someone hummed a tune and grandpa will have found a piano and played a loud, glorious, and grandiose rendition of the tune, just after hearing it once. (They had to stop asking grandpa to play the piano in church because his rendition of church hymns were a little over the top, but in heaven it's all good.)

Grandpa has danced the jitterbug, as he danced with us around the piano. He has preached boldly, and laughed, and already made a million friends. Most of them will probably speak Spanish with him because he loves the Mexican people.

Just two days ago heaven became a much livelier and friendly place.