Monday, March 15, 2010

Monkey's Uncle

The last time we went to the Phoenix Zoo was more than a year ago with a bunch of family. When we stopped at the first exhibit, the giraffes, I said to no one in particular, "People are so lame who take pictures of the animals, with no one else in the picture." I turned my head to see who I was talking to and it was my sister, Danielle, as she had stopped mid-photo taking a picture of the giraffe eating the leaves. I tried to recover and tell her I was just kidding, but what was said was said. The poor girl looked at me hesitantly before every picture she took the rest of the day and deprived herself of many exotic animal shots.

Look Danielle, I took an animal shot this time! I've always loved those flamingos.

And of course I captured other wildlife. Can you tell which is the monkey?

Drew is pretending to be a flamingo.


We were checking out sleeping Mufasa who barely twitched a leg for us.

The zoo was great. Sometimes Drew's personality can be overwhelming cooped up in a house, but out in the wild her excitement and enthusiasm are very entertaining.

Jason and I were also entertained by those who take video footage of the lazy animals. Do any of you do this? And if you do, have you ever watched this footage over again, say for some Friday night entertainment? Just wondering.

Drew's favorite animals: petting zoo goats, black bears, and the river otter.


  1. 2 updates yay! Your hair is so cute! And kids at the zoo is one of the best things.

    I don't think I ever met Grandpa B, but I loved that his church hymns were over the top, lol. He seemed so sweet and hilarious.

  2. lol I feel the same way about video footage and picture of sleeping animals. But to each their own.

    Your grandpa post was very sweet.

  3. haha I loved this! That was such a funny/devastating moment for me..pulling my camera slowly away from my face after hearing that people who take animal pictures are pretty much nuts from my wiser and older sister. To be probably saved me some storage space on my camera due to never developing those suckers, so thanks! You're hair is so cute and I loved your post on Grandpa Bob, I might have to steal that for a later post. I can't wait to see you and Shawnie and your family this Saturday if the shin dig is still on! Love you!