Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Kitchen

We are finally almost done with the kitchen remodel and it feels like a completely new room. Before and after pics are coming soon and it is big changes! We spend so much time in the kitchen and now it is a happier place to be. Some recent activities in the new kitchen:



This girl loves to bake. I have finally made peace with the fact that when she helps me, she will draw letters in the flour she spills all over the counter. And I will walk on sugar that she has spilled on the floor and I will cringe because I hate walking on sugar spilled on the floor. And the prep time it takes before popping whatever it is in the oven will triple as she carefully picks out which two eggs from the carton should be used. But I have made peace with all that (except sugar floor) and now it is something fun to do together that doesn't feel like a chore.

She is trying really hard to lick that chocolate off her face.

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  1. That pic of Dru licking the chocolate off her face made me laugh! She is a doll! I feel the same way about sugar on the floor. Joys of cooking with kids ;) I'm excited to see your before and after pics! Your white cabinets look awesome! I really want to paint our kitchen cabinets white as well, but I'm scared because I want it to look right and I've heard so many mixed things. You'll have to include tips on what you did!