Monday, April 5, 2010

Remembering Easter

Drew loves to reminisce about all the fun things we do. Combine that with her slight stutter and she reminds me exactly of Chris Farley in The Chris Farley Show. It sounds like this:

Drew: (some stuttering and in a really excited voice) Remem-remember when we went to California and we went to Disneyland and we went on the Tall Tall Mountain ride and there was a white bear and we said Raaah! and we weren't scared? Remember?

Me: Yeah.

Drew: That was fun!

She starts reminiscing about things as soon as five minutes after we've done it and this Easter weekend she has had a lot to reminisce about.

Re-remember when we painted the Easter eggs and I put them in the colors and my hands got all dirty and they were so pretty?

Remem-remember when we made cookies and I put on frosting and m&ms and sprinkles and I ate it and it was so yummy? Remember?

Re-remember when the Easter bunny hid the eggs and I found them and there were treats inside?

Re-remem-remember when I blow the bubbles and daddy went Yah! and popped them? Do you remember?

As Drew would say, "That was so fun!"


  1. Lol, I love Drew. And we need pics of the kitchen! And those cookies look delicious, and your backyard looks so good!

  2. (Chris Farley speaking to Paul McCartney...)
    C: "Remember that song when you play it backwards it says 'Paul is dead'? remember that?"
    P: "Yah I remember!?"
    C: "That was just a hoax, right?"
    P: "Yah Chris, I wasn't really dead."

    Love You!

  3. 1. Cute pics
    2. Your backyard looks like a little paradise. And I want to live there.
    3. Your kitchen sneak peak looks so cute, can't wait to see the rest!

  4. she's adorable! I agree with the rest. Your pics look great, and what I see of your house is amazing! I can't wait to see the kitchen. Although, I can't bug you because I still haven't posted any pics of our house. We miss you guys! P.S. Remember when Hallie had a studder? How funny.