Monday, April 19, 2010


Last Friday the Fed Ex man rang the doorbell in the middle of Drew's nap. She was up at once thinking it was grandma. Instead it was our caterpillars.

Yes I said caterpillars.

These babies are going to crawl around in their cups and eat and get bigger for a week or so. Then they will climb to the top of the lid and make cocoons, or "tutoons" as Drew would say. Then a week or two later and we will have ourselves some butterflies!

(Katie, you better believe I've got you and our first graders on my mind!)

I ordered my kit here. So far it's the most exciting thing that's happened at our house.


  1. We did this with the first grader!this make s me miss the little kids!!What a fun thing to do with drew!!

  2. No way!!! I was honestly just thinking how I should order some caterpillars for Camden, thinking of course of the big C.J.!!! I hope yours turn out great. Awesome memories. I miss you!

  3. thats such a great idea! I'm gonna have to remember this when Luce is older. Lucy wore her red tuxedo dress on Sunday and she looked ADORABLE in it. She got lots of compliments at church. Are you kidding me with that swimsuit? Cutest suit and cutest model! Drew is a doll.