Monday, May 3, 2010

Butterfly Party

If you thought buying caterpillars was not very cool, then please check this out...

Oh yeah! Best thing I ever bought. They were caterpillars for about a week where they doubled in size almost every day. Then one by one they all climbed to the top of the cup, attached themselves, and hung down to start the cucoon process. After a long wait, the actual change from caterpillar to cucoon happens very quickly, maybe a minute. I was at the right place and the right time and got to see one of them shed their fuzzy caterpillar skin and turn into a shell. See, entertainment for the whole family.

Last week when the first butterfly hatched Drew and I were screaming, laughing, and dancing in excitement. "We got a butterfly! We got a butterfly!" Yes, I was really that excited! It's pretty amazing. Soon all ten of them had hatched and were drinking from the sugar-watered flowers we picked for them.

We planned a last minute butterfly party for their release. It concluded with the final release of the butterflies, where Drew tried to recatch them in her butterfly net.

Nice wings, Drew!

But also included a game of Pin the Butterfly on the Flower. Drew loved it since my blindfold was lame and she was able to see underneath it. She landed the butterfly on the flower every time. When Jason doubled it and made it so she really couldn't see she started crying and said, "I don't like this anymore." So we let her cheat.

And what's a butterfly party without butterfly cookies?

Now we must return the butterfly books to the library, get on with life, and try not to look at the empty spot on the kitchen counter where our butterfly friends used to be.


  1. HOw cute are you!!!!! I love this party!

  2. Lol, she started crying so we let her cheat. I love the butterfly party!! I want you to mother my kids someday, deal? And those butterly cookies look so yummy!

  3. You are fabulous! I can't wait to do this with my boys. I think I'll wait until Luke is just a tad older though, so he can really understand what's happening:)

  4. Love love love it!! Awesome!! What a great idea! Fun with bugs!

  5. I need a butterfly cookie in my mouth pronto.

    my mouth is watering.

    I might be copying you! you're such a cute mom!

  6. You're the coolest mom ever.

  7. one day i hope to live by you, not only because i miss my friend but so you can teach me how to be a cool mom. those pictures are adorable! and when did you become a photographer? what can't you do?

    p.s. i gave you a shout out on my blog.

  8. Okay I am now inspired to do this with my kids. Awesome!

  9. Thanks for the idea, I just ordered mine!!

  10. Chelise, those pictures are precious! And your idea of a spontaneous butterfly party is perfect.You are one fun mama! :)