Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tank Dresses

I am "recovering" from my week long vacation and trying to get back into the swing of things. Until my cruise pictures are ready, here are some new summer dresses I just added to my shop:


  1. Those are seriously SO cute!

  2. Dreamy!!! I want them all in my size...P.S I need a sister's night we need to celebrate some bdays!! Love you I can't wait to hear about your cruise! {seriously though, lets plan something!}

  3. Love the new designs. Drew does so great in her photos. I'm sure it's no easy task if she is as crazy as Rocco. I'm excited to hear about your vacation!! Ps we missed Drew at Roccos birthday party. I felt bad for Rocco. it was only JD, Rocco, and I celebrating. all day he kept talking about his friends coming over andI didn't plan a kid party. Next year will for sure be a friend party. I didn't think he got it quite yet!!