Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Girls and Binkies

Drew said goodbye to a very dear friend yesterday. A friend that has been with her for every nap and every bedtime of her little life. Jason and I knew we wanted her to be rid of the binky by her second birthday, so we decided why not just do it and get it over with. (That is what I am repeating to sentimental Chelise who is sad to say goodbye.)

After her nap yesterday, Drew and I sat down on the couch with all her bedtime gear: white blanket, stuffed lamb, and binky. I told her that binkies are for babies. Then I asked her if she was a baby or a big girl. She told me she was a big girl. Progress. She usually tells me she is a boy.

I continued telling her that big girls don't use binkies, so if she is a big girl then she needs to throw the binky away in the trash. With a smile she hopped off the couch, trotted to the kitchen (she never walks, she trots), and threw it straight in the trash.

Bedtime rolls around. We brush teeth. We sing our song. She gets white blanket. She gets lamby. Where's binky? "Remember Drew, you threw your binky away in the trash because you're a big girl." She cried for ten painful minutes then fell asleep.

I think this big girl stuff is going to be harder on me than it is for her. I might have fished into the trash later after she threw it away and kept her binky for myself. I am going to miss her little button mouth with the binky bobbing up and down, up and down, up and down...


  1. LOL, She usually tells me she is a boy.

    So sad! 10 minutes isn't that bad though, right?! She still has her lamb and her blanky, my bet is by the end of the week she'll be saying, "binky who?"

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  3. I really need to take Bayleigh's binky away too. I am waiting for the new baby to come to show her that it is just for babies, not for big girls. I totally know what you mean when you say it is going to be harder on you then her. I think it's cute when they have them in their mouths. And I love that she usually says that she is a Boy. That is so funny Pro. Oh... and welcome back to the Valley of the Sun!

  4. I totally cried my eyes out the night we got rid of Laney's binkys. I was so sad to see her sad about it but it all worked out. :) She does try to steal Avery's binkys now but I'm still glad we got rid of hers. Good luck with little Drew. :)