Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tutus and Rocks

There is always some work to be done around the house. And every member of the family must chip in. Most of the work lies in the backyard.

A backyard was one of my biggest criteria when looking for a house. I wouldn't have minded a pool. But if the pool took up the entire yard with no grass areas, then it was on to the next house. I have visions of my private oasis/backyard full of lush green grass, a large vegetable garden, and plenty of exploring room for Drew.

Our backyard is not very large and is filled with rocks and weeds. But it has a lot of potential. A big selling feature for us was the slate deck and built-in monster grill. I also love our big shade and climbing tree. That is about all we are working with here... everything else is going to go. Drew will be hauling many more buckets of rocks before it is our oasis in the sun. (And will probably still insist on wearing the tutu.)


  1. How fun! Hallie is looking with me at the computer and said, "Drew is a princess! Oh..I really miss her. She's so cute." We miss you guys. Hope you're doing good. I want to see some pics of the house!

  2. Oh I already know it's going to be a fabulous oasis! I really can't wait:)

    I hope you got me email with my contact info... we'd love to see you all when you are not busy overhauling your house:)

  3. Cute pictures :) I'm with you, backyards must have grass.

  4. Hey stranger! Such cute pics! I LOVE that dress you made her! We need to get together! Miss you!

  5. I miss Dru! She is so fun! Gotta love the tutu! I can't wait to see your oasis when it is done! Hope you are loving the new house! It is so fun! We miss you guys! We might need to head to your oasis this winter since we are going to be remaining in the midwest freezing winter ;) What were we thinking! Well, I'm hoping it isn't as bad as Iowa.