Friday, June 26, 2009

Hidden Gems

My newest obsession is thrift store shopping. In Iowa City I occassionally would stop in at the few thrift stores around, but all I ever found was junk. (Jason would argue that it is all junk, but he doesn't know.) But in Phoenix there is a thrift store on practically every corner filled with more gems than I have time to look for. I drive past a Goodwill and my car goes into autopilot and makes the turn automatically. Because not only are there great finds, but the stores are actually pretty clean and nice.

I especially love finding things to keep Drew busy.

Hinged magnetic board briefcase full of wooden magnet letters. $2.

Monster size Sesame Street puzzle with huge pieces (all accounted for). $1.

Flip and Learn alphabet board. $1.

Shiny xylophone still in the box. $1. (She's serious about her music.)

I wish I could say these are the only things I've boughten the last few weeks since my obsession began. But this morning these are all the things Drew wanted to play with. And if she didn't want to play with them, who cares? I only payed quarters for them.

Update on Bruce: He has been replaced by Dori who is a much friendlier hide and seek friend.

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