Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shark Infestation

Apparently Phoenix residents have more to worry about than scorpions and termites. Our house is currently infested with sharks. One shark that is, who shows up in many different places. For a few weeks now Drew has had it in her head that Bruce the shark (from Finding Nemo) lives in our house. At first it was a game. Out of nowhere she ran to inform me that Bruce was in Mommy and Daddy's shower. So we tiptoed in there together, sprung up on him, and hit the living daylights out of him. Of course she thought that was fun and for the next hour Bruce showed up in her crib, on the couch, on her potty chair, and all sorts of places.

Bruce has been a friendly member of the household until last night. We were cleaning up her toys before bed and I asked her to go pick up a book that was in the adjoining living room. After two hops she stops dead in her tracks and says, "No! Bruce eat Drew." I assured her that Bruce would not eat her. She took two slower steps and turned to tell me..."Bruce not eat Drew," as though she was trying to convince herself I was telling the truth. Two more steps and shaking her head, "Bruce not eat Drew." "No sweetie, Bruce won't eat you," I reassured her. She took another step towards the book and Bruce must have bared his teeth because she came running and crying into my arms. She didn't go anywhere alone for the rest of the night.

So far this morning no mention of Bruce. But according to Drew we are also infested with bees all over the place that need swatting.


  1. This breaks my heart:( That would be scary if you really thought Bruce was after you. Good thing he hasn't shown up today, hopefully it was just sleepy Drew who saw him:)

  2. LOL LOL. I am dying! But that is really really sad at the exact same time. I had a fear of sharks when I was a kid, in fact when I would shower I honestly thought a shark was going to come out of the drain, so I would shower sideways...I don't feel it important to mention what age this stopped.

    Poor Drew.