Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chair Issues

When we first moved to Iowa we bought a new chair. We were in a somewhat expensive furniture store and came upon a Thomasville chair and ottoman filled with down feather cushions. Sitting in it was like a party for your body. So comfortable. And it was on major clearance price! Why was it on clearance? Possibly because I have never seen a chair such a color before. Coral. Or maybe peach.

What do you do with that color? At the time we owned a handed-down white couch (pictured partly above) and a bunch of other hodge podge furniture. So why not throw in an amazingly comfortable, and coral colored, chair? It treated us right until we bought a large sectional couch and moved into a condo with even less room. Coral now sits upstairs in Drew's rooms, usually covered in stuffed animals.

So I have mentioned that we will be moving this summer, right? Of course I have. My first very own house and how it will look has been forefront on my mind these days. Yesterday Coral came up in conversation and Jason and I had a little disagreement as to her future.

Person A feels that Coral is fine just as she is. They feel that although a unique color, it is a color that can coordinate well into most color schemes. Person A loves the softness of the fabric and finds her unique color charming and lovable.

Person B also loves the chair but does not see her meshing well into the color scheme in mind. Person B feels like a custom slipcover would not compromise her integrity and comfort, but would only add to her over-all attractiveness. Person B would like to give Coral a basic patterned/ neutral colored slipcover.

What would you do with Coral's future? (would like honest opinions... we love Coral regardless)


  1. I love all the pictures of Drew. I miss her! I love the chair and think it would be cute either way:)Let me know when you decide where you are moving!

  2. I think if it goes with your color scheme you should keep the color, but if not, and you like the chair, than do a slip cover and it would be just as amazing!

    Drew is perfect.

  3. Well, I always have liked the challenge of making something work. It's very rewarding when you, in this case, figure out a way to make coral look great in her environment. But, a slip cover isn't a crime. If you can't find a color scheme that you love and incorporates coral...slip cover it.

    Good luck.

  4. I think a slipcover would be awesome. That chair looks super comfy.

  5. I vote for the slip cover, it looks very comfortable and the shape is classic.

  6. I'd give it to person C (aka me). Haha, we don't need a chair. Seriously, I think a slip cover would be great, you always miss that perfectly comfortable chair when it's gone. Although, it could be a pain to move across the country. Will you have plenty of room for it? Are you trying to condense everything you have to take to save money? If there's plenty of room and money, take it and decide when you get your new furniture. Otherwise, you might have to try to give it to a good nice family who will treat it with the love and respect Coral deserves.

  7. Here are some things I would consider...

    1) Can you keep her as is and just add accent pillows to mesh with the color theme? I bet you could whip up some darling homemade beauties for her!

    2) Have you considered just re-apholstering her altogether? If you do it yourself it's not that expensive. Slip covers can be nearly as expensive sometimes.

    3) My opinion is... I'm not a fan of slipcovers becuase I never think they stay looking nice- especially with children at home... You are always busy retucking it in and making it look presentable. That may just be the perfectionist in me though:)

    Can't wait to see what you do with her!

  8. I had furniture I loved and went with the very expensive slip covers. I hated it. The slip covers give the illusion that something ugly is underneath. Also they never stay smooth and fitted (no matter how expensive they were) to the furniture. I would opt for keeping coral just the way she is. You are mega talented and could decorate around her. Her color though unique is also pretty neutral in itself. Love ya girl!