Monday, February 23, 2009

These Shoes

These are not any regular pair of shoes. These shoes symbolize time, change, and appreciation. They are only toddler size 6, but are much larger in significance.

The first time these shoes came into my life I was maybe 25 weeks pregnant. Only 25 weeks pregnant and completely ready to go into labor the next day (kinda). I look forward to things like nobody's business. I look forward to things coming up so much that I don't enjoy life enough in it's moment.

My friend, Amie, gave me these shoes at this point in my life and I loved them. I imagined a little girl walking around in them. It almost killed me that I would have to wait maybe two more years before I could be the mom of the little girl in the pink and white checkered Vans. So with broken heart, I tucked them away in the dresser.

And the next day I pulled them out and had a daughter that fit into them.

I'm not kidding. The fact that this morning Drew sat on my lap and helped me tighten the velcro straps of these shoes is ridiculous. There is no way I have a child that is big enough to fit into the pink and white checkers! I am not ready for this.

Did I appreciate the time in my life before Drew was born and it was just Jason and I? Definitely not. Did I treasure the time when Drew was tiny, innocent, and immobile? Probably not enough. Life has a way of subtly passing by and all the while I am too busy looking forward to it to even notice it.

I am so excited for this summer. To look for a new house. To be done with medical school. To move, wherever it may be. To be able to walk outside without seeing my breath.

So my point is that one day I know I will look back and really miss this tiny apartment and miss these years of Iowa-livin'. Maybe miss the snow? Who knows. All I know is that today I am going to cherish those little size 6 feet.


  1. Chelise!! I love your blog and am happy to announce I made one a couple of days's still in bad condition but I am trying to figure out how this thing works! I love and miss you and those pink die for!

    Love you guys,

    p.s check my blog out and let me know what you think!!

  2. Chelise!! I almost cried reading this because I remember when you got those shoes and we were carpooling to school and so so sick of being pregnant- and now look at these little girls!! Crazy how the time flies. Miss you!!

  3. That's so sweet! The only thing missing is DREW in the shoes. I want to see!

  4. SOOOOO TRUE! It makes me sad how fast they grow up.

    btw, I can't believe Drew fits into size 6 shoes!! Kason just turned 2 and he still wears a size 5!!! I WISH he would fit a size 6 - I have some shoes I'm dying for him to wear!!!

  5. SO cute! Crazy how time flies! I am so the same way. Thanks for the reminder to live in the present. Maybe I will miss this butt cold weather someday. Ummm...probably not, but I'll try!

  6. Chelise, I'm afraid we all do that! President Monson gave a talk Take Joy in the Journey, and I promise you it changed my life. There's so many times that our day to day activities become mundane that the only happiness we can achieve is looking to the future. But what a great post, remembering to cherish those little moments, and IN the moments. The other day my little Mars called me on the phone and said, "i love you", and I know I'm going to see her next and she's going to be tossing me a soda behind her back on her way to junior high!

  7. Oh Chelise... my heart aches for you- and with you. No fun! :( I am working on creating a youth-freezing potion (for me and the kids) and will let you know when I have found the formula. I will gladly share.

    I just packed up the last dress that I bought for Maya BEFORE she was born (in size 4 T). I had lots of clothes saved for her first few years, but that was the biggest one and I just put it up in the attic to be saved for some future use. My baby! I can't stand it. I just did a post on the subject as well.
    You'll have to show a pic of Drew in her vans to further mark the occasion. {Sigh}

  8. I hear ya mama!I think we all feel this way. We've just got to do our best to live in the moment:)

  9. So, so true. Crazy how it really happens so quickly. What a sweet post.

    ps. I want to read those Emily Dickenson poems!

  10. Ok, I am right there with you. I just packed away a bunch of Cali's clothes that are now too small. As I was packing them away, I was pulling out certain items like "I remember thinking she would be so big when she would fit into this--and now she has outgrown it!" Too sad.

    But those shoes are so cute!